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Instagram Audit

Your Instagram audit should help you determine how well you’ve been meeting your business goals. 

The key to Instagram success is sharing content that resonates with your target audience. So an Instagram account audit needs to start with a thorough assessment of your content.

Let's figure out what kind of content works best for your Instagram strategy.


Your Bio - I will check out your bio and suggest edits to make sure that is's best optimized for your target market and goals. 

Check Your Aesthetics, Branding, and Tone - I will take an overview of your Instagram account to ensure you portray the intended image – include your profile, preferred color scheme, language used, type of image shared, captions, hashtags, and the way you interact with your followers.

Examine your posting frequency and schedule- Timing matters, especially when it comes to social media publishing. Are you posting too much or not enough? And most importantly, are you posting at a time when you’re most likely to reach your audience?

Check Your Posts and Captions are Consistent- Every post should move you towards reaching your goal. The images you select should follow some consistent pattern. Posts tell a consistent story, and have a similar look and feel about them.

Instagram Stories - Checking over your Instagram highlights to ensure you have all the important information available.

How’s Your Hashtag Usage?- It is vital that you use hashtags that are related to the image or video you are sharing. Instagram looks dimly at accounts that use the same set of hashtags for every post they make. As part of your Instagram audit, I need to check that you have been using, but varying, hashtags in your past posts.

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How does it work?

After you purchase the Instagram Audit, I’ll email you a questionnaire to find out more about your business. I’ll then complete your detailed Instagram audit within 1 week and send it to you. The spots are limited to 4 accounts each month. First come, first served.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it include a 1:1 call?

No, unfortunately this program doesn't include a video call, but we will catch up with email.

Is this a one-time fee or an ongoing membership?

It is a one-time fee.

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