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Spring/Summer 2021

Indeed 2021 - from its beginning-is a year full of challenges for all of us. A new year that brought great twists in our daily lives. On the one hand make us review what is happening in our lives so far and on the other, to appreciate what we previously took for granted. In terms of fashion world, this is a quiet year. However, this season has seriously revealed bold and stylish designs. Pastel colors, elaborate line drawings and “oversized looks” dominate the catwalks of the big houses in the “Fashion Weeks” of recent weeks. We will see together the most popular Fashion Trends for 2021, as well as some small tips that will help you combine these pieces more easily, which certainly should not be missing from your wardrobe during the summer season.

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1. Oversized Shoulderpad Boyfriend Jacket

The ultimate trend, which should not be missing from your wardrobe! Wide jackets create a long silhouette that highlights the body of every woman. They are inspired by the 80s, mainly by the oversized men's jackets. Shoulder pads create an external volume, emphasize your waist and lengthen your legs. Choose neutral colors for your classic looks and bold colors for a more extreme look.

From ASOS:

2. The New-Look Bralette

Bralettes have returned dynamically and dominate the catwalks of the big houses. Bralette with embroidery, some covered with rhinestones, others completely simple and minimalist or even some with particularly wide sleeves. They have brought a new tone of optimism to the catwalks and are highly impressive. Take a look…

Runway outfits


3. Wide Trousers

Skinny jeans and cigarette pants lovers listen to us, maybe it's time to rejuvenate! Baggy pants may not particularly favor the silhouette of all women, but they are a bona fide trend for spring and show the stylish side of this season, as an everyday trouser shape of your choice. You can combine them with a matching jacket on top for a more complete look. Choose mostly light tones.

Tip: you can get a more special belt, such as those with fringes, with buckles or the very long ones, wrap it around your waist to give a more beautiful shape.

From ASOS:

4. Head Scarfs

Inspired by the 50s and 60s, this trend returns dynamically to surprise us. The scarves protect your hair and add a touch that can take off your look. Choose a silky scarf with floral patterns, intricate patterns or keep it simple with bold colors. You can tie it with a loose knot under your chin or hang it on the back of your head. Another option is to wrap it in the strap of your bag and leave it hanging to give a special tone.

From Designers:


5. Sorbet Pastel Tones

Another trend that has its honor this year is the pastel tones in clothes and accessories. More precisely, these sorbet colors are the perfect choice for summer and fit a wide variety of skin shades. Choose from a suit in lavender or mint color -even better, try both at the same time. Suits in soft shades elevate your overall aesthetic and will remain one of the most elegant styles for the next few seasons.


From ASOS:

6. Yellow Bags & Pop Blue Accessories

These two trends have dominated the catwalks and streets and are easy to wear and timeless.. Choose the size of the bag that meets your needs in various shades of yellow to suit your taste. It looks incredible when you combine them with other vibrant colors or with a monochrome ensemble.

She added a blue accessory to a monochrome ensemble to take off her go-to outfit. When you do styling with these accessories choose the base of your outfit to be in black or grey colors. The bright hue will stand out among the deeper shades.


From ASOS:

7. Black Face Masks

We can protect ourselves in just as beautiful a way. The elegant black masks match almost every outfit we wear and offer cover to our nose and mouth.

From ASOS:

I hope you found my suggestions helpful! Looking forward to see your reactions...

Do style with love!

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