How can TikTok support your business?

Updated: May 6, 2021

The pandemic has not only boosted e-commerce, but also many applications. One of them is TikTok. TikTok is a social media where users can upload short videos (15 seconds to 1 minute) and interact with other users.

TikTok is considered to be a child-adolescent media, but this is not the case! Although most of its users belong to Gen Z, you can also meet older people. It's a useful tool for your business to attract users to other social media, to your site or even to your e-shop. But what are the 4 main reasons for including TikTok in your strategy?

1. Brand awareness

In TikTok there is a fairly expanded audience that exceeds 800 million users in 154 countries. Through TikTok your brand can be easily and quickly known in several countries and it can bring you potential customers from around the world. Its algorithm allows you to display your content either by geographic area or by individual user’s interests.

2. Engagement

In addition to your brand recognition, TikTok is the ideal way to enhance engagement with your audience. In fact, in TikTok, the highest engagement has been observed in relation to other popular social media, which is reinforced by the tendency of its users to visit it many times during the day and for several minutes.

Users can interact much easier and more fun with your brand, or even make your content go viral even if you have a few followers. The appearance of your video on "For You Page" (the homepage) is not related to your followers or likes, but to the theme and hashtags you have like #fyp (but its not always necessary).

3. TikTok Ads

Like all popular social media, TikTok offers advertising space. There are 6 types of advertising:

Branded Takeover: Ads that appear when the user opens the app.

Top View: Similar to the previous ones, but the ads appear 5 seconds after the user opens the app and may be up to 1 minute in duration.

・In-Feed: They resemble those of Instagram, they appear on For You Page, and they last 9-15 seconds.

Branded Hashtag Challenge: Granted hashtags that appear on discover page and direct the user towards a landing page with the brand logo, a description, and popular posts with that hashtag.

Branded effects: You can create your own AR filters, stickers, and effects by strengthening engagement with your brand.

TikTok Influencers: Of course, you can cooperate with influencers by promoting your business through the public and the influence they exert.

4. Feel free!

Let your creativity and your imagination free. Make unique content to give a new air to your brand and come closer to a younger audience. Connect with them and they'll return it!

If you want to create unique Tik- Tok videos for your business, I really recommend this Selfie Ring Light.

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