Influence Marketing

Influence marketing has found a fertile ground with the development and dominance of social media. In all media you can find and tap into influencers. But what is influence marketing and why use it for your brand?

What is influencing marketing?

Influence marketing is a way of advertising online. Advertise mainly on social media using a popular person and exploit the following audience by advertising your product or service. It is essentially a collaboration between your brand and a person with a well-established social media audience.

Types of influencers

Mega-influencers with more than 1M followers

Macro-influencers from 500 thousand to 1M followers

Mid-tier influencers from 50 thousand to 500 thousand followers

Micro-influencers from 10 thousand to 50 thousand followers

Nano-influencers from 1000 to 10 thousand followers

What does influence marketing offer?

Brand Awareness: With the use of some influencer your brand will become massively more recognizable through exposure to the public of influencer you will use.

Build Trust: In addition to being recognized through influencer your brand wins trust. Followers trust the opinion of influencer that follows.

Target Audience: To choose the influencer you're going to collaborate you've done research into his audience. So, you're sure that the largest part of his followers, at least, fits into your brand and the values that it embraces.

Partnerships: The use of an influencer is not necessarily an isolated measure. Maybe an influencer can be a longtime partner for your brand.

Sales: The ultimate aim of any marketing action is to increase sales. Cooperation with an influencer can achieve this, especially if combined with an offer or discount code exclusively for his followers.

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