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Updated: May 21, 2021


Dear Monia, first I’d like to thank you for being to Dusk2Dawn. I could describe you as a powerful and innovative woman.

Would you share with us your journey?

I grew up in Rhodes- studied Business Management & had a Master Degree in Tourism and Event Mng - from Surrey University. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and I worked in our retail store from a young age- I loved interacting with people and selling ! But after I completed my studies I wanted to explore my strengths, the world and let my wings fly. So I applied to work for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games - a beautiful experience and first job- that opened the doors for my career in Sport Events. After that I worked for the Torino 2006 Olympic Games, Arab Games in Doha/Qatar & London 2012 - in Workforce Operations, training and Volunteer Management. I loved it, working under pressure, organizing the event from A-Z meeting with people from all over the world ! In London I met my husband which is Italian, and as much as both of us loved Rhodes ( yes he loves it even more than me!) we decided that we would apply for Jobs in Qatar, where we lived for 5 years . I was a senior sport event specialist in a big sports city called Aspire.

During my working time in Doha, I decided to take my Coaching certification as well as my Yoga and Meditation certification in Thailand. I was happy with my corporate job but something was missing… My turning point was in 2017 when I had a miscarriage - I decided it was time to do more of what makes me happy.

I started working for a yoga studio organizing wellness events and retreats in Greece with them and at the same time Coaching women and supporting them to do more of what makes them happy - to discover their passions and how to create a successful business but at the same time achieve a balance between work and family life…

In 2018 I gave birth to my twin boys- and also moved to Zurich where I currently live….motherhood is something that really changed my perceptive in many things - but I also realized that work was really important for me- so I created my online business Harmony Wellness and Coaching and I work with women in Zurich and from around the world supporting them and empowering to create their dream life & business and take small actions daily towards that !

After quitting your corporate job, you became an entrepreneur in harmony wellness. Could you describe what are you doing exactly?

I am a Life and Wellness Coach and I offer my services to individuals ( I work mostly with women on a 1:1) or teams.

I help women find clarity on what they really want to do, have a clear vision - as without a vision you cant set goals. I help them work on a positive mindset in order to achieve / create what they want. To discover their strengths , create positive habits and an action plan towards their goals.

I also help women who are confused and are not sure what they really want in life- especially after becoming moms to connect with their passions , their purpose and their why.

I support business owners and start up to get a clear strategy for their business and work with them with a growth plan.

For teams I organized mindfulness and meditation workshops, team building , vision board & values workshops.

You are also a beautiful mom of twin boys. How do you find the time to combine your business with the motherhood?

Firstly I have come to peace with the fact that I cannot do the things I could before I was a mum - so I need to really plan and prioritize my time. I am now working on creating a planner that will help other mums do the same ! Stay tuned :-)

I ask for help - I have the support of my husband and we share responsibilities

I am realistic about how much I can get done in a day. I set 3 tasks for every day not more- the days that they boys go to nursery ( only twice a week at the moment ) I have my client calls and meetings

I have a self care routine, I wake up earlier in the morning and set up my self for the day. I journal , drink my water with lemon and after coffee and do a 10 min meditation - it helps a lot.

I have created systems and outsource some work to a virtual assistant !

How did the pandemic affect your business? How do you effectively coach virtually?

The pandemic helped my business in the sense that a lot of women needed support - and someone to talk too. Coaching is a really powerful way to set you up for success and to discover or re-discover your self - focusing on where you are and where you want to go.

How would you motivate the young entrepreneurs that start their first steps online today?

Start before you are ready. Have a clear vision. Enjoy the journey. Learn from your mistakes- ask for help if you need too ! No one else is YOU find what is the unique thing you can offer to the world , what makes you happy and do more of that !

"Live the life you love. Love the life you live”, is that the moto that best describes you as a person?

Yes ! Life is short do more of what make you feel alive and its never too later to pivot or change ! Thank you :-)

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