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Starting a new small business online? Do you have a physical store and want to start online sales to increase your turnover? Have you paid an IT to build your Website/e-shop and then you have no idea how to manage or renew them so that you have targeted sales? After our collaboration, you will be ready to take over your business and move it to other levels, increasing your sales. Learn where to start and how to succeed with proper planning and marketing strategy. Find out where to begin and how to achieve success.

Once you start your own online business, or thinking of starting one, there is no boss to turn to for advice or to direct you to the next right step. Although you fly alone, you don't have to be. Everyone needs a good strategy, a second opinion, and sometimes just emotional support.

If you're overwhelmed with technology or with so much information that is suggested to you on the internet, I'm right here to mentor you in every step of the way. We were all been there, but the key element to get started is to have the right strategy. 

Even if you have decided to implement your idea it is always better to discuss it with others, so as not to make the same mistakes that they made in their first steps.

Before you start selling your product or service, you need to build your brand and create an environment of trust when you open your doors to the public. Let's co-operate and you'll have access to Dusk2Dawn's network and its social media audience.  

Work with me and I will be your coach at every step you take. I will assist you with your online presence and help you kickstart your business. 

Choose which of the following sessions best suits you and let's start to discuss your own strategy.

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